How to Solve Common Issues in FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is a widely known mod of the legitimate WhatsApp utility which brings customers extra options and personalization choices. Even though it benefits the user experience, it comes with new challenges as well. I will get into the main issue faced by almost every user of FM WhatsApp, and it was none other than the saving status problem using this app in 2021.

Delayed Notification

The most common problem is that getting notifications will be delayed. I had seen user complaints about slow message delivery making real-time chat not so real-time.

Solution: Remove optimize FM WhatsApp for battery consumption. For Android: Settings>Apps>FM WhatsApp>Battery>Optimisation(On the top right corner)> Locate All apps (change it from optimized to all apps) >Search for FM WhatsApp and set Don't Optimize. It enables the application to continue running and deliver notifications promptly.

Backup & RecoverySolution

Some users also face problems backing up their chat history and restoring it afterwards.

Answer: Instead, keep your chat backed up either on the local storage or Google Drive. Click the 3 dots against the FM WhatsApp settings --> Chats --> Chat backup - Back up your data. You can use this backup to restore it when reinstalling.

Installation errors

FM WhatsApp installation errors are quite popular when it comes to both updating of the app as well as installing the app for the first time.

Solution: Use the latest version of FM WhatsApp and download it from a reliable source such as fm whatsapp Lastly, if the problems continue to exist, clear the cache on your online Play Store application, make sure you have enough space and redownload the app.

Privacy Concerns

Official version FM WhatsApp is not the same as the security and data privacy issue.

Fix: Keep your FM WhatsApp up-to-date with the newest software to provide the most current updates and security features. Pay attention to what you give the app permission to do and do not tell it any too private information.

In doing so, users can improve their overall experience with FM WhatsApp. Make sure to update the app regularly and use it judiciously for better utilising the enhanced features of FM WhatsApp with lesser risks associated.

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